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Peter Kleinick

My Story

Peter Kleinick, a veteran of the aftermarket computer hardware industry with over 35 years of invaluable experience. As the founder of TKO Electronics, Inc. in 1997, Peter played a pivotal role in establishing the company as the premier hardware distributor for the aftermarket industry.


In a significant milestone for TKO Electronics, Peter successfully acquired and merged Market Point Technologies in 2014, solidifying its position as the nation's largest Lexmark Parts Distributor. Collaborating closely with top original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and service companies, Peter spearheaded the development of cutting-edge procurement programs to address the growing demand for quality refurbished products.

In 2018, Peter's exceptional leadership led to the successful sale of TKO Electronics to ExpressPoint Technologies, marking yet another achievement in his illustrious career. Recognizing the potential for further growth and opportunities in the IT hardware sector, Peter founded THJ Marketing, Inc. in 2022—a holding company dedicated to pursuing future mergers and acquisitions.


Peter Kleinick's extensive industry knowledge, remarkable track record, and unwavering commitment to excellence have positioned him as a prominent figure in the aftermarket computer hardware landscape. With a passion for innovation and a keen eye for emerging trends, he continues to make significant contributions to the industry, driving it forward into a prosperous future.

Contact Peter

I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

(440) 527-0075

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