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Matt Erickson

My Story

Matt Erickson is a seasoned professional with a diverse background in the programming and hosted application industry. With over two decades of experience, he has successfully transitioned his expertise into the parts and reclamation business, making significant contributions to the industry since 2007.

With a solid foundation in IT and Hardware, Matt ventured into the world of parts and reclamation with a vision to bring innovation and efficiency to the sector. Starting with PC Parts, he introduced new procedures and implemented advanced inventory systems that revolutionized the way business was conducted. Through his strategic approach and relentless dedication, the business experienced exponential growth and became a prominent player in the industry.

Matt's deep understanding of technology and his ability to leverage it for business success have been instrumental in his achievements. He possesses a keen eye for identifying opportunities, streamlining processes, and optimizing operations, which has consistently resulted in increased productivity and profitability.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Matt is known for his strong leadership skills and commitment to fostering a positive work environment. He believes in empowering his team members and encouraging their professional growth, creating a culture of collaboration and innovation. His visionary mindset and ability to inspire others have been key drivers in achieving collective goals.

In addition to his accomplishments in the parts and reclamation business, Matt actively engages in industry events and forums, sharing his expertise and insights with fellow professionals. He has gained a reputation for being a thought leader and is often sought after for his valuable perspectives on technology, business strategies, and industry trends.

Outside of work, Matt enjoys exploring new technologies, staying updated with the latest advancements, and spending quality time with his family and friends. He believes in the importance of work-life balance and finds inspiration in pursuing his passions beyond the professional realm.

As the President of his organization, Matt Erickson continues to lead with a forward-thinking approach, aiming to drive growth, innovation, and excellence in the parts and reclamation industry. With a track record of success and a commitment to continuous improvement, he remains dedicated to shaping the future of the business and making a lasting impact on the industry as a whole."

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